Language Festival

Initiating Education through Mother Tongue
Objectives of the Festival
  • Overall objective of the Festival is
    • To aware ethnic group as well as the concerned authorities and mass people about the preservation of Mother Tongue

  • Specific objectives of the Festival are to
    • Make awareness about the importance of learning own language at early stage of education;
    • Encourage the concerned authorities of the country for preserving the languages;
    • Aware the backward people of the hill tracts about education;
    • Initiate education with joy and fervor
Expected out comes of the Festival
  • The indigenous people will be conscious about the importance of their own language;
  • The concerned authorities of the country will be encouraged to preserve the ethnic languages;
  • The children and their family will be aware about education;
  • The festival will bring respect for indigenous knowledge, culture and traditional practices;
  • The process will penetrate from one to many, like a chain. Consequently, it will change the whole community.