Originally flourished at University of Dhaka, Foundation for Sustainable Development and Research (FSDR) has been established as a development and research organization in Bangladesh , on the motto of collective initiative for sustainable development. The organization undertakes initiatives to make the disadvantaged people conscious about their situation and to find out the paths by themselves to be self dependent for playing role in the competitive and diverse world. The organization also undertakes research for promoting thoughts and constructing policies regarding sustainable development. The Foundation for Sustainable Development and Research is a non-profitable, non-racial, non-political and voluntary organization. The organization is working since 2009 in the arenas of development and research.


A world of future generation oriented development where every person has the prospect to comprehend their potential and opportunity to fight for a life with distinction.


Our mission is to investigate alleyway of positive changes and social reconstructions in circumstances of poverty, education, gender, health, environment, group effort, social problems and injustice. Our interventions aim to work with underprivileged people through development programs to enable them to apprehend their situation and facilitate to eradicate barriers towards a world of equity.